Workto Get Work

Workto Earn Money

JRM Construction

I am designing and developing internal productivity applications with Angular and C#.

Human Sounds

I designed and developed an interactive audio application using Vue, Django and Web Sockets.


I designed and developed enhancements for the public-facing pages of the existing Angular site.


I developed a WordPress theme using Sass and Underscores and integrated with Neon CRM.


I developed a parallax microsite for the holidays along with a few basic enhancements to existing pages.


I developed the eCommerce platform for a startup that created an Internet connected juicer.


I designed and developed the Social Intelligence Bar as well as the Sumazi Analytics platform.

Workfor Myself

Ism by Abramski

I created a CLI-driven microblogging platform that generates responsive text designs using NestJS and Angular.

CEO Pay Cut

I created a petition site to challenge growing income inequality using PHP and CodeIgniter.

Robert Abramski

I created a theme and plugins with PHP and WordPress to display my work and my blog posts.

Dribbble Draft

I created a scrolling page to get drafted on Dribbble using basic HTML and CSS.


I created a static site generator using Bulbo, Handlebars and Sass.

WorkThat No Longer Works

Randumb TV

I created a site that endlessly plays random related YouTube video using CodeIgniter and ActionScript.


I created a framework following MVC, Composite and Observer patterns using ActionScript for Flex and Flash.